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Celebrate New Year's Eve in New York City!


The only place in the world to spend NYE is in NEW YORK CITY!


There's no other electrifying place on the planet than Times Square on New Year's Eve. Every year as the clock nears midnight on December 31, the eyes of the world turn once more to the dazzling lights and bustling energy of Times Square. Anticipation runs high. New Year's Eve at the symbolic center of New York City has become more than just a celebration - it's a global tradition.

The world holds its breath, and cheers as the clocks strike twelve. As the famous New Year's Eve Ball descends atop One Times Square, an estimated one million people in Times Square, millions nationwide and over a billion watching throughout the world are united in bidding collective farewell to the departing year and expressing joy and hope for the year ahead.

The Times Square New Year's Eve celebration features star-studded musical performances, balloons, handouts, confetti, a colorful pyrotechnic display. So…Ladies Grab your Minks, Sables, Furs, and Cashmere Coats, Xtraordinary Destinations is celebrating New Year Eve in New York!  Come Join Us!  


$1,872.50 per person



The Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt Hotel offers two double beds and provide ample space to work or relax after a long day in the city. Each Superior room is beautifully appointed and offers luxurious bathroom amenities, an HD flat-screen television with access to 1,000’s of movies and high-speed internet access, a private work-space with a comfortable desk chair, and an in-room safe to store your valuables. Just because the city never sleeps doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a full night’s slumber dreaming away thanks to the hotel’s premium bedding package.

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